I was hoping to communicate my brand (Imbalance ink) in a fun and fresh way. The flowers representing a fresh and earthy feel. The colors I chose I thought to be fun and vibrant and also a bit edgy. Ultra violet is the color of the year but also one of my favorite no matter what year. 
The goal in the Adobe live contest was to create a business stationery set using a pattern created with Adobe capture. What I wanted to do was incorporate it into the background of the design and use another pattern I created on the actual branding. Since the branding was going to be for myself I used colors, and typography that I had been thinking about for my brand. 

The logo I created myself a while back so I already had that saved in my assets. The logo (ii) is for "Imbalance Ink". I knew the colors of my branding were going to be purple and teal/blue. 

The background seen above was a pattern i created in capture along with an overlay of a standard photoshop pattern.

After the initial contest I went on to create more to add to this project for my branding as you can see below. 
I am very pleased to say the initial idea and design of this patterned business stationery won me a full year of Adobe CC on Adobe live. 

You can catch Adobe live every week tues-fri on https://www.be.net/live 

Its a fun community where you can learn from the best of the best.

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