May is Mental Health Month
This was a personal project I did. I wanted to raise awareness about Mental health, and let others know they aren't alone in what they may be feeling. 

This is what depression, anxiety, and PTSD feel like to me. It may not feel like this for everyone but it this is my experience with these things. 

Sometimes It is a drowning feeling, sometimes it feels like Im going the wrong way in everything I do.

But most of the time It feels like society says that people who experience mental illness are suppose to feel shame and not talk about it. That isnt what we should be pushing for as a society. We need to empower people to care for themselves and others.

People who go through mental illness are some of the strongest people you may ever meet. 

1 in 5 people experience some kind of mental illness. 
When you are ready, reach out and get the support you deserve. 

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